Day 1036: woOOPuP!

Posted: 2013/09/11 in Indie Games

You like playing a (formerly) 80 Microsoft Point game inspired by Arkanoid every now and then, don’t you? Sure, we all do. “woOOPuP!” innovates with bonus stages that you can be warped to via collecting the right power-ups. And yes, it’s more Arkanoid than Breakout, as Breakout didn’t have power-ups, whereas Arkanoid did.

The visuals, audio, and controls are all good, and if you have a hankering for a game like this, then it’s competently done with a few surprises.

Here’s what the developer (Bedroom Studio Entertainment) has to say about the game:

“woOOPuP! is a classic bricks breaking pong game with 50 levels of pure blocks destruction!”


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