Dy 1037: Dunjax

Posted: 2013/09/12 in Indie Games

There are lots of games on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel that have a “retro” motif, but lack the retro street cred. This one’s an exception. “Dunjax” is a remake of a 1990 (yes, 1990!) PC game for DOS.

As you can see the game has evolved, for the better. One of the most striking differences in the remake (which comes 23 years after the original, for those keeping count) is a “fog of war” element where you can only see what’s available to you via line of sight. It’s a neat touch! The sequel’s also ramped up the hidden areas element, with lots to find, and instead of being a regular soldier you’re not wearing power armour, with all the advantages that come with that. Retro side-scrolling 2D shooting action is rarely so authentic. For interest, here’s video of the 23 year-old original:

Here’s what the developer (Jeff Mather) has to say about the game:

“Don your power armor and explore the caves of a distant planet. Battle monsters which have stolen a vital part to your ship!”


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