Day 1038: Happy Pong

Posted: 2013/09/13 in Indie Games

Now here’s a game that 99% of people probably skipped because of its name… and that’s a shame, because it’s wildly inappropriate. Not only is this not an upgraded version of Pong, it’s not really an upgraded version of anything I can think of. “Happy Pong” is a different experience.

It’s like a classic vertically scrolling shooter as re-imagined by Jeff Minter (of Atari Jaguar cult hit “Tempest 2000” fame). But the devil’s in the details. There are several skill levels, and there are four modes of play, and as much psychadelic stuff flying out at you as you can handle. If you can’t, or simply don’t want to, choose then there’s the option to “Surprise Me” where it randomly picks the mode and the difficulty.

Absolutely surprising, and a great buy for $1.

Here’s what the developer (Anthony Popp) has to say about the game:

“What would you call a game with Happy Balls, Evil Campers, BOSS, and Doom? What would you call a game with six-pack Machine Guns, bonus ball Chicken Legs, life giving Bacon, and Mad Cow Disease? What would you call a game that has 4 game modes, 4 difficulties, 10 customization features, 3 music tracks, and 12 digit high scores? You would call it Happy Pong and that is what it is all about!”

  1. Wow really crazy looking video, I like that. I’ll need to try this out. Thanks! Good read & Good find!

    • But you have to admit, the name is *terrible*. “Happy Pong” makes it seem like a cheesy tie-in to a classic game, whereas it seems to not only be fresh and original, but nothing to do with “Pong” whatsoever!

      • Yeah that’s true, I guess it could put people off until they see the videos or play the game. I wonder if they had a strategy behind the name or if it was just random. It does seem totally random.

  2. DLMayday says:

    You forgot to mention the fact that it’s likes playing a video game on acid or like a flashback to the days that you may or may not have done those things.

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