Day 1043: Warped Retro

Posted: 2013/09/18 in Indie Games

Huh. Interesting. “Warped Retro” gives you a functional and neon-drenched games inspired by retro favourites (Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Star Castle, most/all with visual and gameplay enhancements). That’s been done before, and is likely worth a dollar to some people. But, and this is innovative, if not necessarily going to be playable for everyone, there’s the titular “Warped” mode that has you playing all these games simultaneously It’s crazy, and actually works for the most part. It’s a different approach, and kind of has to be played to be believed. I recommend a download just for the audacity of it!

This is a DennisMac game, like “Killa Hurtz”, “Figure 8 Racing”, “All Out of Bubblegum!”, “Raptor Resort”, and “Zombie Racer” before it.

Here’s what the developer (DennisMac) has to say about the game:

“Retro style space shooter mini-games”


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