Day 1045: Hop Til You Drop

Posted: 2013/09/20 in Indie Games

Playing like a remake of a lost retro title, and therefore having a personality all its own, is “Hop Til You Drop”. And, better yet, it’s received strong post-release support, which is another great reason to support it.

Gameplay has you hopping around a room, defying gravity, engaging bullet time, dodging airborne threats, and trying not to land on spikes or other ground-based hazards. It’s fast-paced, engaging, and a lot of fun for $1 (give or take, for those who live outside North America). Definitely worth a download!

Here’s what the developer (Chris Outen) has to say about the game:

“Hop til you drop in this new multiplayer adventure. Collect the coins and avoid the dangerous obstacles. Challenge up to three of your friends! The more you play the more Hoppers you unlock!”


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