Day 1050: Picture Puzzle

Posted: 2013/09/25 in Indie Games

I don’t know about you, but I loved sliding block puzzles as a kid. For those who haven’t experienced these, you have a frame that’s filled with blocks you can slide around (thanks to the fact that one of the blocks is missing). You move blocks to fill the hole, wherever the hole is at any given point in time. “Picture Puzzle” offers up such puzzles, but with a few features that take advantage of the fact that it’s a computer game (such as the ability to see how the picture is supposed to look once you’re done, and difficulty levels(.

It’s pretty much as simple as that, but if you’re like me and grew up with these puzzles (or you have kids who you think might appreciate growing up with them), then it’s an easy recommendation for $1 (or whatever 80 Microsoft Points used to fetch in your local currency).

Here’s what the developer (DTR Logic Software) has to say about the game:

“A fun and relaxing sliding picture puzzle game.”


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