Day 1051: Murderous Market

Posted: 2013/09/26 in Indie Games

Remember “Hidden in Plain Sight”? I loved it, but it had one (for some) fatal flaw: it had no AI, so it was a multiplayer-only experience. “Murderous Market” is a game in a similar vein, but it has AI so you can play it singleplayer as well, making it the preferred choice for those who want to play a game like this solo (though “Murderous Market” does also have multiplayer, making it the complete package for those who want both).

The game puts you into a sea of people, and you are tasked with figuring out, through observation and deduction, who the other human and/or AI-controlled characters are. And, well, assassinate them when you figure it out. All the while, you don’t want to be too obvious who you are, so a slow and steady approach is necessary to not give away that you’re a homicidal maniac.

The game mixes it up with different game modes, themes (werewolves, plagues, etc.), and more. “Murderous Market” is easily worth $1 (or thereabouts) to those who liked the idea behind Hidden, but really needed some solo play as part of the package.

Here’s what the developer (Anthony Freeman) has to say about the game:

“Murderous Market is a party game of stealth and assassination. Each of up to four players must first find themselves in a town filled with npcs. then they must find and kill their targets quietly. Murderous Market has four game modes that use stealth in unique ways. There are outbreaks of plague, werewolves, character specific powers, and customizable settings that make every play different.”


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