Day 1052: Freeze Everything

Posted: 2013/09/27 in Indie Games

Here’s a platformer I don’t hear much about that’s worth a look, “Freeze Everything” is a classic (AKA, not ridiculously hardcore and difficult) effort that’s got charm.

Even if I did find the description disturbing. (If you care absolutely nothing about using the proper terms for aboriginal peoples, skip the rest of this paragraph.) Let me explain. I’m Canadian. The term “eskimo” is *very* non-politically correct here. It’s been replaced by the term “inuit”. When I hear references to “eskimo” (usually on American media) it’s legitimately shocking to me, such is the rarity of the e-word in the media here. I have a friend who went to South Korea and other countries in Asia to teach English, and she actually had them cross the word “eskimo” out of their English text books. The term is considered pejorative in Canada and Greenland (akin to using the “n-word” for people of African descent), but is apparently still accepted in parts of Alaska. So, I guess the main character of “Freeze Everything”, Esko, is part of the Yupik people of Alaska? (The Yupik are the main northern North American group that does not identify with the term “inuit’.) If so, that’s (apparently) OK, even if “Esko the Eskimo” sounds *really* wrong to me.

Rant about proper terminology of aboriginal peoples aside, the game has several strengths and one weakness. Strengths include the fact that you have several attacks, and are rewarded for combining them against enemies (a neat touch). Controls are good, and the presentation is decent. The $1 (give or take, depending on your locale) price tag is impulse buy-friendly too.

The only downside is that the level design is not the most inspired I have ever seen, but the game has enough personality I could look past that. There are different kinds of collectibles, all of which have some effect on the game (more platform games should do this), including one that temporarily reverses your controls (which is as at least as hard to deal with as it sounds).

So, it’s worth a download to see if you can help Esko the e-word. I recommend you give it a try.

Here’s what the developer (DeCCCC) has to say about the game:

“”Esko the Eskimo” must save his town from The “Baddie Bads” and their Master “King Baddie.””


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