Day 1054: Dark Forest

Posted: 2013/09/29 in Indie Games

I’ve recently reviewed both a strategy game and a simulation game. Today’s game is a strategy/management sim hybrid, and brings together the best of both worlds. “Dark Forest” tasks you with building a training camp for combat troops, and then letting them battle. You start with a small facility, bordering on a megalith * that serves as a gateway to inviting people to join your training camp. You task your… tree troops (I guess you’d call them) with clearing the surrounding area (some of which earn you resources, some of which don’t, and they’re helpfully colour-coded… and please note that the person who uploaded the embedded video to Youtube didn’t appear to figure that out, as the video doesn’t show any of the green or red areas of trees being cleared). Build a facility that others will want to eat and train in, and before you know it you’ll have a prosperous and growing group of troops, with new types joining you regularly. It used to cost 240 Microsoft Points, and now costs $2.99, or whatever. The presentation is basic, but the gameplay is deep. I don’t need to tell you, dear reader, whether a strategy and management sim around a training camp for fantasy creatures sounds good, or not, but to me it’s an amazing combo.

Here’s what the developer (studio meow games) has to say about the game:

“Dark Forest is a strategy game where the player must build up their magical kingdom to lure in various types of creatures and drive the opposition out of the forest. Dark Forest contains 11 different types of creature, 11 campaign missions and 14 skirmish missions.”

* A monolith is a stone obelisk; a megalith is a series of them, the most famous of which is Stonehenge. See the things you can learn watching “Ancient Aliens” on TV?


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