Day 1055: Cataboom

Posted: 2013/09/30 in Indie Games

Are the kind of person who liked to cluster a bunch of grenades together in Halo and then make them explode? Then there’s a platformer for you: “Cataboom” is a platformer with great controls, silky smooth animation, and bombs. Lots of them. As you destroy enemies, they drop a mixture of food and mines. You collect the food for points, and can grab the mines. The mines themselves are harmless, but throw a mine into a strategically important place, and then throw a bomb in its general direction, and watch the crazy combinations fly, with bombs and mines bouncing all over the place (and watch out, as you can be hurt by your own bombs, or mines you set off, if they bounce your way, or you jump into their path).

Here’s what the developer (Tridemia) has to say about the game:

“Help the Cat-professor to fight his way back to our dimension, defeating angry monsters and treacherous bosses using his explosive powers and feline agility.”


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