Day 1058: Argh Aliens

Posted: 2013/10/03 in Indie Games

Do you remember “Space Taxi” in the ’80s? How about its Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) homages, “Astro Taxi”, “Astro Taxi 2”, and “XMAS Taxi”? All of the above were 2D affairs where you had to navigate from platform to platform, picking up fares, avoiding obstacles, and always watching your fuel to make sure you didn’t run out.

“Argh Aliens” takes that core gameplay and moves it into 3D. They’ve also dispensed with the idea of it being a taxi service, and it’s now an alien abduction (which takes away the need to drop the abducted human off somewhere), so merely getting to the final human in the level ends it (no need to navigate to a level exit either).

Your first experience with the game may be very much like that of the player in the embedded video, or playing one of the aforementioned “Taxi” games: you may find yourself frequently landing too quickly, and therefore crashing. You definitely have to learn to land in a “gently, Bentley” fashion. Approach it with the precision of playing the classic board game “Operation” (you know, the one where “You’re the doctor, collecting all your pay!”) and you’ll be in the right headspace for the precision landing required. The levels remind me a bit of a giant game of “Block Out” visually. As a big fan of “Space Taxi”, and as someone who’s been fascinated by alien abduction reports since I was a little kid, I got a huge kick out of this. It’s like they wrote it expressly with me in mind.

Here’s what the developer (Sysdia Games) has to say about the game:

“Guide your UFO, using your limited fuel to abduct as many peeps as you can.”


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