Day 1059: Jigsaw Jumble

Posted: 2013/10/04 in Indie Games

When reading this next line, I recommend reading it aloud with a deep, dramatic narrator’s voice:

“From the developer of “StarBeam” and “Alien Siege”, comes… “Jigsaw Jumble”!

Well, in truth, “Jigsaw Jumble” came out in between the two, but I think it’s funnier to imagine it the way I suggested.

As you might expect, we’re dealing with a jigsaw puzzle game here. I was a fan of those as a kid, but they took up a lot of space on the table (and I was forever being told to put the puzzle away and set the table up for supper, dang it!). And once a puzzle had been done, it was a while before I wanted to do that one again.

Here your $1 (or thereabouts) is getting you a bunch of different jigsaw puzzles, surprisingly decent controls for moving them around, and (best of all) skill levels! The skill level essentially determines how many pieces each image is broken into. You can overlay the image you’re trying to create over top of the playing pieces too, which is a nice touch that leverages the advantages of the medium (and is optional for those who find it cheating). If you’re like me and taking over a tabletop to do a puzzle is not a popular suggestion, then this is right up your alley.

Here’s what the developer (Lost World Creations) has to say about the game:

“Jigsaw Jumble is a game for one or two players. With over 20 different jigsaws to play each with 3 difficulty levels and the ability to load and resume games, there is plenty of gameplay for all the family.”


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