Posted: 2013/10/06 in Indie Games

So, if Rectangle Battle wasn’t today’s review, what is? Why, it’s “SOLAR ANNIHILATION” of course!

If Asteroids or Geometry Wars is akin to “Call of Duty”, then “SOLAR ANNIHILATION” is akin to “Brothers in Arms”. Here you are not just running and gunning, here you’re building a team, and upgrading. There is an (albeit small) upgrade tree for your ship, and the ability to spend your upgrade points on spawning friendly ships that fight with you (particularly useful on base defence missions).

Missions are varied, and spread over own gigantic map (no enclosed arena space here). Some missions stress offence, some defence. Some require you to fly well across the map to get to the right place (consider investing in the hyperdrive upgrade!).

Just want to blow stuff up? There’s an action/survival mode too, if you’re not into performing missions. But I’m a missions guy; it’s very satisfying feeling like I am the lead ship of a big fleet, fending off the enemy. But I grew up on a steady diet of space opera, so perhaps it comes with the territory.

Here’s what the developer (reddeathgames) has to say about the game:

“SOLAR ANNIHILATION by reddeathgames. Explore a dynamic 2d solar system while completing missions ranging from seek and destroy to stealth and resource gathering. Sandbox elements allow player to go anywhere at anytime. Full game contains 18 mission campaign, instant action mode, and cheat options.”


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