Not today’s review: Rectangle Battle

Posted: 2013/10/06 in Indie Games

This is not today’s review, it’s just a shout-out to the developers of Rectangle Battle. It’s not revolutionary, but not a bad game at all. It has two modes of play, one where you play solo and try to shoot down triangles, while avoiding the asteroids, and a head-to-head multiplayer mode. In both modes as you get hit you shrink, and there are power-ups to pick up. It gets huge bonus points for also being made available for the Sega Dreamcast though (and compatible with some new SD card adapter that’s been released for the Dreamcast). I was (and am) a huge Dreamcast fan. I like the Xbox 360, really liked the original Xbox, was a big fan of the Intellivision, but the Dreamcast was the only console I truly loved.


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