Day 1062: Cops N Robbers

Posted: 2013/10/07 in Indie Games

The spiritual successor to the 1981 classic “Lock ‘N’ Chase” (which I thought was only an Intellivision title, but was apparently released on a raft of systems), “Cops N Robbers” take the dot collecting to new heights.

The maps are the most striking thing about the game to me. I don’t recall any version of Pac Man where you have to commit yourself to navigating down a spiral, for example, with retracing your steps the only way back out. Lock ‘N’ Chase, of course, was inspired by Pac Man, but I think Lock ‘N’ Chase and “Cops N Robbers” are onto something with their motif which (frankly) makes more sense. It’s worth $1 for the innovative maps alone.

Here’s what the developer (Aeternus Studios) has to say about the game:

“Cops N Robbers is a throw back to the classic arcade style that we all love. Get all the coins without getting busted by the cops!”

Here’s Lock ‘N’ Chase for reference:

  1. DLMayday says:

    I forgot about Lock n Chase when I trialed this game. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to go back and visit this game again. Although I haven’t had much time on the Xbox these days.

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