Day 1064: Gravitas

Posted: 2013/10/09 in Indie Games

I think I’m in love. More specifically, I’m in love with the idea behind “Gravitas”. It’s a turn-based artillery game… in space! With gravitational effects that curve your shots, with the ability to grab a space warp power-up for when you find yourself in a bad situation (among other power-ups), and with support for up to four human players (and up to 6 players total thanks to AI combatants). The music is moody and atmospheric and appropriate for the subject matter, and AI opponents will earn and use power-ups (something more games that take on a head-to-head motif should do).

Predicting how your shot will weave its way past a series of planets, sometimes s-curving through a bunch of them, it’s both fun and challenging. It’s $1 (well, that’s what says, your cost may be slightly different but it will add up to something similar), it’s enjoyable, and it’s innovative. Definitely worth a download!

Here’s what the developer (Oliver Brown) has to say about the game:

“Challenge the AI and up to three of your friends in a game of galactic artillery. Whom will gravity defeat?”


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