Day 1067: Alexander Learning Series 360

Posted: 2013/10/12 in Indie Games

Not all indie games are hardcore games where you’re running and gunning, or solving fiendishly difficult puzzles, some are for the younger set. Such is the case of “Alexander Learning Series 360”, but if you have young kids at home it might be something they would enjoy.

It teaches numbers, colours, shapes, spelling, animals, and math (and probably some other stuff that I neglected to list). It does so using pictures, text, and even voice. The voice acting is clearly understandable, the game optionally randomises the flash cards so that you’re not always having to slog through them in the same order, and you can choose to auto-play through them (including auto-speach, as appropriate). It’s $2.99 CAD/USD (convert as necessary if you’re outside North America) and worth it for the sheer variety, if you’re looking for something like this, especially considering the cost that a dedicated VTech computer toy doing this function would cost.

Here’s what the developer (Water Bear Interactive) has to say about the game:

“Water Bear Interactive LLC Presents the Alexander Learning Series for X-Box 360. This release includes flash card sets: Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Upper case letters, Lower case letters, Upper and Lower case letters together, 120 animal flash cards and 600 Spelling cards with the ALSpell feature and a Math area. Options include randomization, auto-play, auto play sound and more.”


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