Day 1069: Avatar Mayhem

Posted: 2013/10/14 in Indie Games

Remember “Honey Badger – Slayer of Memes”, waaaaay back on Day 638? Yep, me too. It was a surprisingly cute game, with humour that rubbed me the right way. That was a game from “dreamwagon”, and they’re back with “Avatar Mayhem” and it’s utterly different.

One part “Second Life”, one part “Minecraft”, “Avatar Mayhem” hits some appealing notes. You have the avatar-based city exploration of “Second Life”, you have the world building of “Minecraft”, and you have the multiplayer collaboration of both. It’s set in an urban environment that looks a little like something out of “Mirror’s Edge”, and it’s got jetpacks for when you want a bird’s eye view.

It’s not all avatar-based socialising, and block-by-block world building however, there are several modes including one where aliens invade and you have to defend against them. Presentation is very good, including particle effects and decent music. Easily justifiable for a dollar.

Here’s what the developer (dreamwagon) has to say about the game:

“Avatar Mayhem is a build and destroy sandbox featuring an urban world to use as your scratch pad. Create structures, fly around with your jetpack or demolish everything. Defend against an alien invasion in City Defense mode. v.1.3.1”


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