Day 1070: Get Your Cell Together

Posted: 2013/10/15 in Indie Games

Now here’s a game that brings together a wealth of genres. Racing, puzzling, shooting, and more. And it does it well. And it does it for $1 (or whatever approximately equals that in your currency). Go buy it. What do you mean you need more than that? Geez, you people are never satisfied. OK…

“Get Your Cell Together” has a bit more to it than I said before, it also offers maze path-finding (which I personally appreciate), and all the while you have to evolve and add cells, but as you add cells to your structure you become larger which makes everything (avoiding enemies, fitting through tight pathways) more difficult. And there are bosses, too, so the variety of the levels of this game is quite good. That’s what makes it “worth the points” (I know there are no “points” anymore, but I just can’t let go).

Here’s what the developer (jijaweb) has to say about the game:

“Evolve or die! You are a tiny cell floating around somewhere in the universe. You will have to evolve and add cells to your original cell. BUT!!! Watch out for evil bosses and nasty viruses.”


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