Day 1074: Hardboiled Pinball

Posted: 2013/10/19 in Indie Games

I grew up around pinball. We had a pinball table in our house, and my Mum was a big fan of pinball in general. I had always liked pinball, and particularly fell in love with the Terminator 2 pinball table which I played at a local arcade pretty regularly. I also played and loved “Pinball Dreams” and, later, “Pinball Fantasies” on the Amiga, both of which were also released for other systems. So I was pleased to find “Hardboiled Pinball” which looks like it ought to have been in the backdrop of a scene in Batman: The Animated Series. It’s an old-school table the way I remember them, and for a dollar costs less than getting a new table for Pinball FX, and the ball physics are pretty decent (better than any other indie pinball game I’ve played).

Here’s what the developer (Stryde Games) has to say about the game:

“Hardboiled Pinball is the first game of the Stryde Games pinball series, which aims to provide an oldschool fast scrolling 2D pinball experience. Sharpen your reflexes to conquer the silver ball and score the jackpot in this crime noir themed table.”


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