Day 1077: L.A.R.A

Posted: 2013/10/22 in Indie Games

As always, the commentary is from whomever made the Youtube video, not me. :)

Different people are looking for different things out of indie games. Some are looking for experimental ideas that no major publisher would ever release. Others are looking for a competently done, yet perhaps shorter, and definitely less expensive, game in a popular genre. “L.A.R.A” is in the latter category it’s a competently done overall (with buttery smooth controls in particular) first-person shooter. It’s definitely in the Doom/Quake vein, where enemies are jumping out at you, and reanimating unexpectedly, and that’s the game’s biggest strength. It’s also dropped from $3 to $1 too, which doesn’t hurt the budget-minded. If you’re an FPS fan with an old-school bent, this is a recommendable $1 fix.

Here’s what the developer (Mad Micro) has to say about the game:

“Battle dangerous androids and stop their plot to wipe out all human life on Earth in this intense First Person Shooter. L.A.R.A has fast and smooth gameplay featuring amazing ragdoll physics, intelligent and challenging destructable enemies, an easy to use cover system, a variety of weapons including grenades and a story that will take you from the Earth into space on your quest to save Mankind.”


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