Day 1078: Avatar Onslaught

Posted: 2013/10/23 in Indie Games

Now here’s a guilty pleasure if ever I heard of one, and it’s a 3.5 year old game too. “Avatar Onslaught” is a bit like Space Invaders seen through a pseudo-3D style, similarly to how Zaxxon was a 2D shooter seen through an isometric 3D viewpoint. And it’s pretty fun.

The game has some depth to it via an upgrade tree that has you upgrading your stats between levels as you strive to nail approaching avatars with water balloons. But this is no zombie wave shooter, these enemies shoot back. And there is a lot of variety in enemy graphics, thanks to (seemingly) randomly generated avatar enemies. There are bunkers for you to hide behind, and ever-growing numbers of enemies to take out (seriously… in later waves, the numbers get pretty crazy). For $1, there’s a lot to like, especially with its marshall music, and its online leaderboards. Definitely worth at least a trial.

Here’s what the developer (Lighthouse Games Studio) has to say about the game:

“Prepare yourself for an almighty Onslaught. Take on hordes of avatars in full HD as you compete against the best in the world. Onslaught features character leveling, global scoreboards and Avatars. Prepare to wet yourself.”


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