Day 1080: Detect

Posted: 2013/10/25 in Indie Games

Long time readers of this blog (and after 1080 consecutive days of posts, there are a few of you) know that I’m usually willing to part with a dollar for a well implemented and quirky idea. “Detect” is just such an indie game.

It’s a bit like “Where’s Waldo”, except transposed into a 3D world that you run around in, looking for your target in a third-person view, except you’re also looking for a different target each time thanks to randomly-generated avatars. The game’s pretty much as simple as that, but with some nice additional touches such as a picture-in-picture display of your target that (if you look closely) is not a still image, with occasional avatar animations being triggered, and even the ability to see yourself running around in the background behind the avatar (if you are indeed behind said avatar, that is). I think some of you may get all you need to out of the trial game on this one, but that’s not a reason not to download it in my opinion. Young kids, on the other hand, could have a blast with this (and parents may prefer they use this title to hunt people down, rather than Assassin’s Creed, for example).

Here’s what the developer (B.L.U.E) has to say about the game:

“Let’s detect a target with the help of a picture.”


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