Day 1081: Adamant Ants 2

Posted: 2013/10/26 in Indie Games

Taking a page out of Lemmings’ playbook, the first “Adamant Ants” took the genre in new directions, “Adamant Ants 2” adds new levels to an already not-broken formula, and is well worth a download.

This is not your father’s (or mother’s) Lemmings. Yes you are modifying the traits of your charges to help them pick through rock, climb, etc., but you are also getting them to staff turrets to fight attacking birds. Don’t believe me?

See, I wouldn’t kid you about something like that.

“Adamant Ants 2” has you (optionally) collecting things for points, which is kind of neat. The goals are different, too: rather than trying to get every Lemming you can to safety, here there’s a capture the flag element that has you interacting with a series of flags, and the level is won when any of your ants (rather than all of them) make it to the goal, which makes gameplay a little less tedious. In addition to the original “Adamant Ants”, the developer also created “Geriatrix – Zombie City”, which I enjoyed.

Here’s what the developer (Pixel Junkie Games) has to say about the game:

“What happens when you take lemmings, add some worms, throw in some birds (that are angry), then pit them against an army of ants? you get Adamant Ants! Excavate, climb, fly and explode your way to rescue the ant queen from the diabolical bird and worm army in PART 2 of the series! With hours of fun and stimulating gameplay, fully destructible terrain, and loads of ant ability upgrades!”


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