Day 1026 (the real one): Kick’n It

Posted: 2013/10/29 in Indie Games

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. On Day 654 I reviewed “Tiles With Buddies”. I ended up inadvertently re-reviewing it on day 1026. Realising my mistake, I authored a different review for “Kick’n It”. Of course, that’s not actually the review that got *posted*. Well, mistakes happen and today I’m correcting it. Here’s the review that *should* have appeared on Day 1026.


From the developer of “Ultimate Dodgeball”, we have “Kick’n It”, a hacky sack game for XBLIG. This is not the first time I’ve played computerised hacky sack. Don’t believe me? Here’s how I played it, on the Atari Lynx portable (the definitive version of “California Games” in my mind):

But did the “footbag” mode in “California Games” need a spiritual successor with a bunch of improvements? I’d say yes. You can do more things with your “footbag” in this version. You have the personalisation of using your avatar, which is nice, and multiplayer for up to two players (local offline play). If you have nostalgia for the hacky sack mode in “California Games”, I think you’re going to enjoy this. Even if you don’t, this title looks good and (crucially) controls well.

Here’s what the developer (K-dog) has to say about the game:

“Kick’n It! is a Hacky Sack style game that friends and family can play together with their Avatars. Perform kicks, stalls, tricks and combos. Compete for high scores. Take full control of your Avatar. There’s plenty of gameplay packed into 4 Single player and 4 Multiplayer game modes – including crowd pleaser Bomb Squad!”


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