Day 1086: Fanny Granny’s Great Escape

Posted: 2013/10/31 in Indie Games

Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, we had a series of over-the-shoulder pseudo-3D driving/racing games. Games like “Pole Position”, “Outrun”, “Chase H.Q.”, “Test Ride 2: The Duel”, and so many more. The “Fanny Granny’s Great Escape” makes an effort in removing the “pseudo” just a little bit more, by giving you the ability to not only drive around them, but to leap over them, or to lurch left and right at mach speed.

And… it’s almost as simple as that. Oh, there’s a little bit more, you can collect things to fill a boost meter, and such like, but you had me leaping over the cars at mach speed, and do so as a granny in a scooter (naturally). The animation is fast and furious, the controls are great, and it all costs $1. Go get it now and enjoy a new take on a classic genre.

Here’s what the developer (jksgames) has to say about the game:

“Blazingly fast addictive arcade madness! Help Granny get as far as possible over several distinct landscapes. Collect food to build up boost and then “let rip” to blast your way to the next checkpoint. Collect misc. items for big scores. How far can you get? How high can you score?”


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