Day 1087: Ballochet 3

Posted: 2013/11/01 in Indie Games

I loved “Ballochet” nearly 600 days ago. It takes the chain-reaction shooting mechanic of “Crush The Castle” (and “Angry Birds”, if you’d prefer to focus on the pretender to the throne), and replaces it with you trying to do precision shooting through increasingly congested levels. It’s like a cross between “Angry Birds” and “Pool”, with one target to hit. The game also amps things up, with magnets, and spinning fans, among other things that conspire to keep your ball from hitting the target.

“Ballochet 3” gives you a tonne more levels to play through, all against new backdrops. I did run into one or two examples of what appeared to be wonky physics, but I’ve run into that in higher profile games like “Angry Birds”, “FishCraft”, and “Angry Fish” on occasion as well. But as I say, this game has a decidedly different feel than those games, because it’s less about chain reactions and more about threading the needle, which makes it worth $1 (or whatever that approximates for you).

As for what happened to “Ballochet 2”? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here’s what the developer (MindsEdge) has to say about the game:

“This game pits you agains stunning cityscapes. Can you navigate the beams to hit the target? 49 levels give you hours and hours of riveting play time. Winning the game is easy. Just aim and fire. But the simplicity is deceiving as every level has to be mastered in its own way. Have fun!”


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