Day 1088: Mystic Cards

Posted: 2013/11/02 in Indie Games

This is a card game similar to Crazy 8s or Uno, where you’re trying to empty your hand as quickly as possible. “Mystic Cards” introduces a few things I haven’t seen before in the genre, such as a card that can force all your opponents to pick up a card. It’s not revolutionary, and the presentation has a rough edge or two, but it has a few innovations (or, at least things I haven’t seen before) and supports solo play, system link, and Xbox Live multiplayer for up to four people. Easily justifies it’s dollar.

Here’s what the developer (Aztecgames) has to say about the game:

“Use your wits to defeat your opponents by getting rid of all your cards first. With local and online play, you can share your scores and take on up to 3 opponents via system link, or through xbox live!”


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