Day 1090: Bible Trivia Avatar Edition

Posted: 2013/11/04 in Indie Games

From the developer of “Bible Trivia” and “Icebreaker” comes “Bible Trivia Avatar Edition”. The big upgrade here is mostly aesthetic, but significant as far as that goes. You now have avatars sitting in a room, celebrating their victories, etc. An odd feature is the option to play with a random avatar, rather than your own, if you prefer. New trivia questions round out the package, making it an easy buy for fans of the original for another dollar.

Here’s what the developer (DualOpAmp29) has to say about the game:

“Welcome to Bible Trivia – Avatar Edition, where you and your friends can test your knowledge of Biblical truths from the comfort of our living room. So grab a controller, get comfy, and let’s get going.”


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