Day 1094: Avatar Warfare!

Posted: 2013/11/08 in Indie Games

Right from the box art, this is invoking Call of Duty. But that’s OK if it plays well, and “Avatar Warfare!” does. It’s a $1 homage to Call of Duty, with avatars wielding paintball guns.

The game features online play for up to 16 players, and runs very smoothly. There’s XP here to earn for your character, and there are achievement-like things to unlock. The rest is running and gunning and, while there is solo play here, the game is light on story. But it does cost $1 with smooth gameplay, online leaderboards, and all the tropes of modern shooters (tagging streaks, weapons unlocks, perks, etc.). Well worth a download for fans of the genre who aren’t afraid to spend a dollar.

Here’s what the developer (DigitalDNA Games LLC) has to say about the game:

“Join 15 of your friends as you take your avatar into the intense online paintball battle of Avatar Warfare. Customize your character as you progress though levels, climb the online scoreboards and unlock new weapons, perks and tag-streaks. If you like Call of Duty Modern Warfare COD you will love Avatar Warfare.”


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