Day 1097: Saturn 9

Posted: 2013/11/11 in Indie Games

The developer of “Toy Stunt Bike”, “Vampire Slayer FPS”, “Toy Stunt Bike 2”, and “Mini Wizards” comes “Saturn 9”, an SF horror adventure that revisits the excellent Vampire Slayer engine, and delivers an even better game with it this time around.

The first thing you’ll notice are the jaw-droppingly good 3D graphics, that best even most XBLA efforts that cost far more than the $1 asking price of “Saturn 9”. It seems to me that with indie games you can have it looking good, hours of gameplay, and an inexpensive price… pick any two. Here, it looks fabulous and it’s inexpensive, so the hours of gameplay had to go. And that kind of feels right; would you prefer less attention to detail in the presentation, or waiting years and paying a much higher price? If it looks good, plays well, and only costs $1, I can forgive the game being short.

And what a game it is. Good voice acting, puzzle solving, using your flashlight to find items and watch for threats, and a story worth getting to the end of. Best of all, the game has an in-built hint system that helps you get past areas you get stuck in, without having to go to the internet and without the answer being given to you gift-wrapped. If you’re even remotely interested in this genre, download it now.

Here’s what the developer (Raoghard) has to say about the game:

“Saturn 9 is a sci-fi horror adventure where you are sent to investigate a spaceship after all communication is lost. Solve puzzles and explore the ship to uncover the mystery of what happened to the crew.”


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