Day 1101: The Co-Op Zombie Game

Posted: 2013/11/15 in Indie Games

The developer of “Paintball War” stood out for me because they produced one of the first XBLIG shooters to I can think of that included bots. That developer is back with “The Co-Op Zombie Game”, which despite its name also has solo play.

The game offers 19 missions and the ability to link up with up to three other people to either play co-operatively against the shambling hordes, or competitively. The weapons here are both guns and melee weapons, and the variety is pretty good. Presentation isn’t absolutely top tier, but it’s still pretty good. Destructible things in the environment create both defensive challenges, and offensive possibilites, depending on how well you avoid them and how well you utilise them against the infected. Easily worth a dollar for FPS fans.

Here’s what the developer (Strange Games) has to say about the game:

“Play single player or online with three other people in a co-operative zombie hunt through 19 levels. Rid the city of the zombie horde while collecting weapons, ammo, smashing crates, and avoiding exploding barrels.”


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