Day 1102: comet turn

Posted: 2013/11/16 in Indie Games

While there’s a major learning curve, “comet turn” is a surprisingly deep puzzle game that’s a bit like “Bust-A-Move” meets “Project Gotham Racing”. You see, you fire comets into a solar system, trying to get them to orbit planets, and there’s a scoring system for all of this (hence the PGR reference). Better manoeuvres net bigger points, with a figure eight around two planets getting you a big score for example.

You’ll be spending some time reading the instructions, and experimenting, but the reward is a game that’s unlike anything else you’ve seen. More worth a download than anything I’ve recommended in a while. And this is unlike anything else I can think to name, and that alone makes it worth a dollar to me.

Here’s what the developer (umaoto) has to say about the game:

““Comet Turn” is a game that can score when a comet completes “techniques” like that it goes around a planet or it confines all the planets in orbit. You can find the techniques in the “technique list”.And there are also hidden techniques that are related to the constellation.The rule has ”Gain” that only gets the score and “Arrest and Escape” that takes it when the planet captures the comet.”


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