Day 1103: Dungeon Smash ~ Dark Isles

Posted: 2013/11/17 in Indie Games

From Haiku Interactive (who you may know from “AvaGlide”, “Space Police on SuperHighway 9”, and “AvaGlide 2”) comes “Dungeon Smash ~ Dark Isles”, and it’s different than what I’ve played from them before.

“Dungeon Smash ~ Dark Isles” is a bit like a dual-stick version of Gauntlet. That has been done before, but not necessarily better than this. The presentation is top notch, the controls are excellent, and there’s RPG-ish levelling on offer here as well. As is a story, one with multiple endings no less. Somewhere along the line the game dropped from $3 to $1 too, so there’s a lot to like about it. Heck, the game even offers decent voice-overs (which are rare in general, but decent ones especially so, in the XBLIG catalogue). Absolutely worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (HaikuInteractive) has to say about the game:

“Demons have kidnapped your princess! Battle hordes of monsters, forge your hero, rescue the princesses and bring peace to the kingdoms. Four champions each with their own agenda, infinite dungeons and multiple endings make Dungeon Smash an intense experience you’ll want to share. This is the 4-player-co-op-twin-stick-shooter-fantasy-RPG you’ve been waiting for. Be a champion! Smash the dungeon!”


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