Day 1104: Toy Plane

Posted: 2013/11/18 in Indie Games

Much as I loved “Hydro Thunder”, my favourite “launch window” Dreamcast game was “Toy Commander”. I loved exploring home environments in a series of toy vehicles. It was amazing, and worth every penny of the $60 or so it cost. “Toy Plane” reminds me a lot of “Toy Commander”, but with a couple of key differences.

It comes from “Sick Kreaction”, who have released a lot of XBLIG games, including one that I like, “End Of Days: Infected vs Mercs”, and a few others that I either didn’t care for, or have yet to try. “Toy Plane” invokes the magic of imagination in a better way, just as “Toy Commander” did. Interestingly, “Toy Plane” is a 2D side-scroller, rather than a full 3D game, but with a focus on navigating rather than shooting. This is more NiGHTS than it is R-Type, in other words.

So explore, collect objects, fly through rings, and have a blast. Easily recommendable for a dollar.

Here’s what the developer (Sick Kreation) has to say about the game:

“Stars, Hoops and Coins wait to be collected in this one button basher! Six levels of obstacle course fun, unlock the Bonus level and become the #1 champion Toy Plane navigator, or challenge your friends to beat your Endurance time!”


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