Day 1107: Bulkhead

Posted: 2013/11/21 in Indie Games

I was an absolutely *huge* fan of “Alien Vs. Predator” on the Atari Jaguar. Huge. I played it extensively, and it was my first ever FPS on any platform (even counting PC games). I remember hearing a bird chirping that sounded nearly identical to the predator’s “clicking” and I actually froze mid-stride when I was outside one summer in the mid-90s. Forget the deathmatch-fests of PC shooters, AvP for the Jaguar had style and atmosphere. “Bulkhead” takes a cue from that and quickly won my heart.

Now, make no mistake, there are going to be some people disappointed in this game. It’s not a traditional FPS. It won’t be mistaken for “Quake” or “Duke Nukem”. But it might seem vaguely familiar to fans of “Dead Space” though, or “Doom 3”.

The game has you shooting at human and AI opponents as you open containers to search for an artifact that, once found, you have to race to an extraction point. Lighting is appropriately moody, and there’s one more wrinkle: some of the containers will unleash facehugger-like aliens, and they’re *tough* to take down. It’s a refreshing change from games where every item you pick up magically gives you what you need to conquer the next section. It reminds me of AvP for its unpredictability, its mood, and the fact that it’s not a cakewalk. It also support online play, as well as system-link (a feature long since forgotten by most $60 games at retail) and solo play. What’s in the boxes is random, so it plays differently every time, too. I’m impressed, and with strong presentation its worth your dollar if you’re a fan of FPSs that aren’t all deathmatch all the time.

Here’s what the developer (Raoghard) has to say about the game:

“Board a derelict space station to salvage a lost alien artifact. Unknown dangers await you in this atmospheric first person shooter. Features LIVE multiplayer and singleplayer.”


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