Day 1109: Monkey Poo Flinger

Posted: 2013/11/23 in Indie Games

Bear with me here, I can’t believe I’m reviewing this either. “Monkey Poo Flinger” starts off looking like a cheap game rushed to marketplace, but it has surprising depth to it. I kid you not.

Among the game’s more interesting features is the fact that you collect bananas as you play, and you have to choose to divvy them up between new lives and various power-ups. Do you mostly buy the power-ups in the hopes of avoiding needing more lives, or do you play it safe and buy lots of lives? It’s an interesting trade-off, and I’m a sucker for those in games!

Another interesting element is that each level has you trying to hit a point total to advance to the next, but hitting some zoo visitors earns you points whereas others (some of the zoo staff, for example) actually reduce your points. I love it when a game gives me a reason not to fire indiscriminately.

The core gameplay has you living in a zoo and shooting excrement at zoo visitors. I get that, I wouldn’t want to be locked up in a zoo either! As you advance and get more power-ups and face a wider range of potential human targets (some of which start to shoot back), the game gets a lot more interesting.

The game is a little rough around the edges in places, but it’s (surprisingly) actually worth sticking with! $1 for those who advance past the free trial.

Here’s what the developer (Derf n Derf) has to say about the game:

“Maxwell T. Monkey is fed up of life in the zoo and desperately wants something fun to do. Going against the wishes of his good conscience Maxwell ,egged on by his bad conscience, takes up the sport of poo flinging. Join Maxwell the schizophrenic monkey and his friends in over 30 levels of poo flinging madness… just don’t smell his finger. Now includes local two player co-op!”


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