Day 1110: Fishy Warfare

Posted: 2013/11/24 in Indie Games

This is cool. “Fishy Warfare” is a bit like a side-scrolling 2D shooter, except without the scrolling part. That makes it feel a bit more like an arena shooter. Kind of like blending “Feeding Frenzy”‘s arena-style action with a scrolling shooter. The package is rounded out with the ability to upgrade your submarine (the developer boasts that there are 5000 possible sub customisation combinations. You’ll need them to fight across 15 levels and three aquariums. Some would say it’s overpriced at $2.99, but when did we gamers become so cheap? I’d recommend downloading the trial either way, as the gameplay is different and the range of sub customisations impressive. And you *will* need them, as your sub is pretty underpowered at start.

Here’s what the developer (Zkenshin) has to say about the game:

“The goal of the game is to defeat the enemy toy submarines using a submarine you construct out of various components purchased through the shipyard, all while confined to a fish tank.”


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