Posted: 2013/11/25 in Indie Games

There was a Commodore 64 game I loved called “Law of the West”. And, well, “GORY CYBER WEST” is very little like that, but it somehow reminded me of it.

First off, I hate gore. But this appealed to me anyway. And I didn’t find it that gory for the most part, either. What “GORY CYBER WEST” is, is a twitch reaction time testing game, which has you playing AI or (even better) human AI opponents in local multiplayer to see who can draw first when tasked to by the computer. It’s surprisingly compelling, as you get into a zen state where you act without first thinking. The hand drawn art is a love it or hate it proposition, but it works for me. You may get all you need out of the demo, or you might find it worth a dollar, but it’s worth a download either way.

Here’s what the developer (SIACTRO) has to say about the game:

“This is THE best cyber western duel simulator 2013!”


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