Day 1113: Reflection

Posted: 2013/11/27 in Indie Games

Now *this* is why I got into indie games. “Reflection” has you controlling two characters at once, on opposite sides of the screen, trying to simultaneously navigate each of them to red exits. Press left, for example, and they both go left. So success requires you to strategically look for places you can (for example) press one against a wall as the other manoeuvres into a key position. It’s great puzzling your way through the levels. The presentation is great, particularly the audio.

It comes to us from “Utopioneer Games”, who you may know from “Spanish 101”, “German 101”, “Vocabulary Builder”, (the super unusual) “Call Me”, (the less super unusual) “Bingo”, “Word Search”, the “Hack This Game Collection”, and “Running With Scissors”. This is a very different effort from what they’ve done in the past, but I’m pleased to say “Reflection” is one of their best yet.

Here’s what the developer (Utopioneer Games 2) has to say about the game:

“Control both you and your reflection to solve puzzles. Differences in the reflected world will cause your reflection to take a different path.”


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