Day 1115: Avatar Onslaught 2

Posted: 2013/11/29 in Indie Games

I really liked “Avatar Onslaught” and it’s “Space Invaders” on the a pseudo-3D horizontal plane gameplay (though I doubt most users would think of it that way).

“Avatar Onslaught 2” ups the ante with enemies wielding accessories (such as riot shields), new enemy behaviours (such as them running at you), and you now have a Nerf-style gun to shoot them. Online leaderboards make a return, as does offline co-op, but now two-player online co-op joins the party. If you liked the first one, then this is an unmissable upgrade for a dollar. And if you thought the first one was OK but needed a little

Here’s what the developer (Lighthouse Games Studio) has to say about the game:

“Brace yourself for a massive onslaught of evil avatars. Take on the horde alone or get help with the online CO-OP mode. Level your character and compete against the world with global scoreboards. See you on the battlefield!”


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