Day 1116: RoomRental

Posted: 2013/11/30 in Indie Games

Ever played the game “dots and boxes” on paper? “RoomRental” is a computer implementation of that, but also a lot more. The classic mode is here (no paper required), but there’s also an enhanced mode with bonus squares (a bit like the special squares in Scrabble). The idea is to create the largest apartment out of all the competitors (human or AI, up to four players in total). Walls you place to try to lock in a section of apartment for yourself might inadvertently help an opponent claim a chunk of room, so there’s definitely strategy here. It’s a great example of a hidden gem in the indie games catalogue (published in 2011!) that almost no one’s talking about, but that is a lot of fun to play. One dollar if you progress past the free trial.

Here’s what the developer (Marinus Holkema) has to say about the game:

“RoomRental is a strategic puzzle game. It’s based om the papergame “dots and boxes”. Are you ready to test your strategic skills? Keep your eyes open and play your walls right. Challenge your friends to play together.”


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