Day 1117: Vintage Hero

Posted: 2013/12/01 in Indie Games

Coming to us from “Frog The Door Games”, who you may know for “Alawishus Pixel” from day 382, and Day 98’s “Space Racer”.

“Vintage Hero” borrows more from the former than the latter. It’s a 2D platforming actioner with a huge number of enemies (dozens of different types by my count). And it smartly has a super-easy mode that gives you unlimited lives, a medium mode, and a super-hard mode that you have to beat the medium mode to even get at.

You earn XP, you get special weapons, and it all plays out with chiptunes. It’s great retro fun for a dollar.

Here’s what the developer (Frog The Door Games) has to say about the game:

“It’s the year 198X. You know what to do.”


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