Day 1119: Gem Chaser II

Posted: 2013/12/03 in Indie Games

It feels like only 133 days ago that I was appreciating “Gem Chaser”. Oh wait, it was. But if you enjoyed that, or if you missed it entirely, here’s an upgraded full sequel for your consideration. And it’s taken a great (and wholly underappreciated) game and made it greater.

“Gem Chaser II” gives you 70 new levels, and adds warp tunnels (familiar to anyone who played “Bubble Bobble”, where you drop from the bottom of the screen to the top). Also added are reversed levels, gravity switches, and more. The core gameplay remains unchanged, you’re still changing your character’s colour to match the colour of the gems you’re trying to pick up, passing through coloured gates to get the colour you need. It’s fun and engaging puzzle play that has you trying to find the most efficient way to traverse each level. It’s one of those rare action/platform/puzzle hybrids that manages to be entirely non-violent, as a bonus. No jumping on near-defenceless turtles here. Definitely worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (karl90) has to say about the game:

“Gem Chaser’s back and his quest for precious gems continues. Collect the coloured gems that match your colour – then change your colour to collect the other., Simple – but amazingly Challenging – Now with Warp tunnels, Gravity switches and Mirror levels. With 70 new and even more challenging levels to beat.”


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