Day 1121: ZombieMonkeys Out of the Trees

Posted: 2013/12/05 in Indie Games

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. “ZombieMonkeys Out of the Trees” is not blazing the trail of a new genre. But I can forgive it that, as neither are 99.99% of retail releases. What it *is* doing, though, is doing some funky stuff in a popular genre. And that needs no forgiving.

It’s a dual-stick shooter, a genre I’ve loved back to Robotron 2084. But what I like about this one is some imaginative weapon pick-ups (incuding a gigantic coconut or bowling ball, or something that you use to mow down rows of the titular “ZombieMonkeys”, but also barriers and environmental hazards. And they don’t all just show up at the beginning of a stage, either, they sometimes spring to life during a stage, such as the lava flow. And you don’t just have to avoid them, you can lure enemies into them.

It’s good fun for a dollar that does some things different than other twin-stick shooters I’ve played.

Here’s what the developer (MischiefMonkey) has to say about the game:



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