Day 1122: Journey To The Top: QFTLG

Posted: 2013/12/06 in Indie Games

A retro-themed platformer with infinite lives (but not infinite time to complete each stage), “Journey To The Top: QFTLG” (the subtitle acronym apparently standing for “Quest for the lost Gems” is a one dollar indie game that has nice presentation, decent control, and nice level design. It’s hard, though not “Aban Hawkins” hard. It has an emphasis on dodging and collecting, which is what I appreciate most in a platformer, and I dug the controls. The infinite lives, for me, with a challenging but not impossible level of difficulty, seal the deal. Definitely worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (Liel) has to say about the game:

“Journey to the top in your quest for the lost gems. The gems must be retrieved and re-forged to break the spell that cast the human race to the depths of the ocean. Enjoy a classic platformer with modern twists. Journey to the top for the fate of the human race depends on you!”


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