Day 1124: Tatakai Tank Rush!

Posted: 2013/12/08 in Indie Games

How the heck is this game only a dollar? “Tatakai Tank Rush!” is an action-oriented real-time strategy game that reminds me a bit of playing “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, except you’re controlling the entire faction rather than just one member of it, and your unit options are far more broad. In both cases things are based upon a healthy mix of attack vehicles and defensive towers. Action is fast and furious and the presentation and the AI are very good. Fog of war is used extensively, so you can only “see” a unit if it’s within a given radius of one of your units or towers. The game has an extensive tutorial, which eases you into the intricacies of the title (this is a more involved RTS than any other Xbox Live Indie Game, aside from “Dark Reign Redux” which costs 5x as much). If you liked “Halo Wars” (and millions did), then this is a great solo (and local multiplayer) title.

Here’s what the developer (LargeLaser) has to say about the game:

“Real Time Strategy with an arcade-style twist! Featuring 2 factions, diverse computer player AI, split-screen multiplayer, fast and explosive action.”


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