Day 1125: Action Arcade Wrestling 2

Posted: 2013/12/09 in Indie Games

Remember “Action Arcade Wrestling”? It has a sequel, “Action Arcade Wrestling 2”. It’s an incremental upgrade: better graphics (the previous one looked more like an Super Nintendo game, this one more like an N64 game… and let’s face it, the N64 was the golden era of wrestling games), more moves, more customisation, etc. And if you enjoyed the first one, this is an unmissable upgrade for a dollar.

Here’s what the developer (Action937) has to say about the game:

“The sequel to the best-selling XBLI game, AAW2 is a 2.5D retro arcade game. Hundreds of moves, multiple match types, create wrestlers & arenas, up to 10 wrestlers in the ring at once, classic control scheme and so much more.”


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