Day 1129: GravityPong

Posted: 2013/12/13 in Indie Games

There are a *lot* of games inspired by Pong in the indie games channel. I’ve passed on reviewing 99% of them. “GravityPong”, however, actually does something interesting enough that it made the cut. It creates an obstacles course of lasers, gravity fields, and more that the ball has to travel through. The game has both multiplayer and solo play, but the modes are different; the solo play is an entirely different mode called “Wall Ball”, rather than just being the multiplayer mode against AI opponents, and is enjoyable on its own. But the game really comes into its own in local multiplayer, just like playing Pong in the late-70s with my Brother, except with multiple modes, power-ups, awardments, and all sorts of obstacles for the ball to traverse.

Here’s what the developer (ZOM Productions) has to say about the game:

“Enter the madness of GravityPong! A classic concept gets turned on its head in the wacky, fun-filled game of paddles, powerups, tubes, and laser fields! Train your skills against the wall or grab up to three other friends and play head-to-head in Paddle Pong or Tube Pong mode. With 35 unlockable powerups, a bumpin’ custom soundtrack, and 50 AchieveGoals to unlock, you’ll have enless fun!”


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