Day 1130: Word Cheat

Posted: 2013/12/14 in Indie Games

From the publisher of “Airport Anarchy” comes “Word Cheat”. And it’s… well, quite different than their previous effort.

This is an app that can be used either to learn better how to play Scrabble (or “Tiles With Buddies”, or whatever). I suppose you could, as the title suggests, use it to cheat at Scrabble. Against an AI opponent, I wouldn’t even object at that, as a learning tool.

In “Word Cheat” you set up a board just as the actual game of Scrabble is going, and it then suggests ways that you could maximise your score. In the same way you can defeat an AI opponent, nothing says you have to use its advice, or don’t think you can do better, but it’s a neat tool for those who could get use of it.

Here’s what the developer (RZ Games) has to say about the game:

“Hate losing at your favourite word board games? Well now you don’t have to! Word Cheat allows you to configure the board for the game you’re playing and will try to find the best possible word you could play from the tiles you have!”


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